La Lanterna. 120% Italian for 10 years
In these days La Lanterna celebrates its 10th birthday. We want to thank all our customers, from the random to the historical ones. Thanks to them a place on the first floor, a hidden gem, has become one of the landmarks for Italian food on the island.

A warmhearted thanks goes to the staff of La Lanterna, to all the employees who, at different times, have contributed to its growth, thanks to their talent, their professionalism and passion.

Our mission is always the same: to celebrate and spread the authentic Italian food culture. So along with the evergreen pizza we offer starters, homemade pasta and desserts using only the best ingredients to make you enjoy an authentic journey into the true Italian flavors.

Tradition first

Lasagna comes from the region where I was born, Emilia-Romagna.
We make them exactly like my grandmothers (born in 1893 and 1903) used to make it. Time goes by but real flavors and tradition are here to stay!
For our Carbonara, for example, we use guanciale (the cheek of the pork) and not bacon. With fresh eggs and NO cream, which kills the flavors. Come and enjoy the authentic Carbonara at La Lanterna!

Our pasta, for example, is 90% homemade: so fresh eggs, flour and the chef’s muscles. The difference can be seen and felt!

For our pizza we use the tomato sauce that is used in pizzerias in Naples; the mozzarella is without preservatives, always strictly fresh. See the difference. Feel the difference.

International food or traditional food?

Lasagna and Carbonara are now international dishes, with many variations. But here, we say it now, you find the authenticity, the genuineness of the products and respect for traditions.

Quality as a must

It is our commitment to our customers. And although we Italians are not exactly the most reliable people in the world, in our case you can assured we will keep our promises.

La Lanterna. 120% Italian for 10 years. And now open 7/7 to meet the needs of the many tourists of all nationalities arriving in Puerto del Carmen along with those of our traditional resident customers.

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