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La Lanterna is (probably) the best italian restaurant and pizzeria in Puerto del Carmen en Lanzarote, Las Palmas.
More than 10 years serving our customers of all over the world, transmitting our Italian culinary culture. Book your table!

La Lanterna - restaurante pizzeria in Lanzarote

Ristorante Pizzeria in Puerto del Carmen, Lanzarote

Restaurante La Lanterna has a history of ten years in Puerto del Carmen, on the beautiful island of Lanzarote.
From the beginning, the idea was to offer 100% Italian cuisine, from the ingredients to the preparation and service.
We have not invented anything, we have only tried to follow the path of our grandmothers and our mothers, made of passion, tradition and love for food preparation.

La Lanterna aims not only to offer excellent food, but also to guarantee a couple of hours of relaxation, away from the noise of the busy main streets.
The restaurant, in fact, although it is located on the main street of Puerto del Carmen, is located on the first floor and enjoys a breathtaking view of the sea of Lanzarote.

The small size, the presence of a cozy second room with only four tables, the quality and experience of our staff all contribute to creating a unique atmosphere.

What can you find in our restaurant
in Puerto del Càrmen

Get an idea of what to eat at Ristorante La Lanterna in Lanzarote. Doesn’t your mouth watering?

Starters like:

  • caprese di bufala, with buffalo mozzarella
  • baked provolone cheese with sun-dried tomatoes and toasted bread
  • octopus salad
  • homemade meatballs in tomato sauce

Homemade Italian pasta such as:

  • traditional italian lasagna
  • tagliatelle or pappardelle
  • ravioli with ricotta cheese or mushrooms

Real italian pizzas, normal or XXL

  • Classical pizza such as Margherita, Napoli, Capricciosa
  • Special pizzas with grilled vegetables, cheeses…
  • International pizzas such as Hawaii or Lanzarote…
  • Gourmet pizzas with Parma ham, buffalo mozzarella or porcini mushrooms!

I knew it!

What does “La Lanterna” means? Yes, “torch, lamp”. It wasn’t hard, but now you’re safe. It serves to light the way to the best Italian restaurant in Lanzarote.

some reviews

La Lanterna Lanzarote - Tripadvisor
The best pizzeria in Puerto del Carmen

The best pizzeria in Puerto del Carmen

Aníval Hjefri

They always serve us very, very well, they are fast, the food is excellent and the tiramisu is one hundred percent recommended, it is fresh homemade with an unbeatable flavor and value for money is very good.
top quality pizza

top quality pizza

Kino Zapata

I was in Puerto del Carmen, we searched the internet for a pizza to go and we saw this place. Excellent treatment, the pizza is ready very quickly and the taste is incredible. The tiramisu deserves a separate opinion, what a delight!



We are speechless. Delicious spaghetti scoglio and cod in a casserole. I give the cook a 10, he always makes us happy, they were delicious.
And the waiters… there are no more cordial, affectionate, and professional than them.
My favourite restaurant Keep on! ❤
Authentic Italian resto in Lanzarote

Authentic Italian resto in Lanzarote


We went yesterday for dinner and we liked it a lot, the salad and the pasta very rich, in addition to the friendliness of the owner. Highly recommended if you want to try quality Italian food and avoid the typical fast-food restaurants.
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